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The India Network For Sexual Minorities
is a collective national effort by sexual minorities
to ensure equality for themselves in all spheres of life, free from discrimination.

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Organization Name
Sudar Foundation
Website URL
Organization Address
199, Natarajpuram Pukkathurai,
Post Maduranthagam (T.K),
Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu.
Organization Phone
(0) 9344611596
Organization Summary/Description

Sudar Foundation, a non-profit organization is dedicated to working for advocacy and awareness on the lives, issues and rights of transgender community.

Sudar Foundation has undertaken various campaigns around issues relating to the human rights of transgender people in Tamil Nadu

Contact Person
Priya Babu, Priyadarshni
Contact email
Target Groups
TGs, Hijras
Operational Area
Tamil Nadu

In Tamil transgender people are referred to most commonly as 'Alis', but now members of the community here refer to themselves as Aravanis. They believe that o raise the status of this marginalized group of people, emphasis must be on getting basic rights and facilities. Only if they enjoy basic human rights - social and political - can their self esteem grow.

Sudar Foundation has won a case in the High Court demanding voting rights for Aravanis, but are still in the process of getting voter identity cards. After much struggle, the Sudar Foundation was granted land by the Government in Natarajapuram, near Chengulpet in Tamil Nadu, where we have built houses for fifteen of our members. This is a significant achievement given that housing remains a very serious issue for Aravanis and possession of a house means mental peace and comfort. Sudar Foundation has also initiated an Aravani self-help group called the Meena-Mangai self-help group which has received a grant of Rs25,000 from the Govt. for a revolving fund and some members of our group are benefiting from this fund. Some are receiving training in beautician techniques and we hope t take this forward as a career option.

These are just beginnings of a journey that we will continue till basic respect and dignity to members of this community are assured in law, society and all your hearts.

Sudar Foundation is also involved with Kannadi Kalai Kuzhu, a theater group formed and run by the Aravanis (transgender people) in Tamil Nadu. This is the first of its kind an we have a strong belief that cultural expression is an effective way of expressing our 'being' and our emotions.

The first play in 2004 was called Manasin Azhaippu (The Call of the Heart).

The second play is Unsettling Memories (The life of Aravanis - a glimpse), a 45 min play sponsored by M.S.Swamiathan Research Foundation and Aseema Trust.

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>> Priya Babu is one of the first transgender person to be doing research about the 'TRANSGENDER FOLK ART' in Tamilnadu.

>> Priya Babu and Priyadarshini are the first Transgender REPORTERs to work for a local magazine! Its a great boost to advocate equal job opportunities for
transgenders who feel confident about managing any / all jobs given an oppurtunity.


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